Can you survive without eletronics?

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Alot of things use require eletronics. Transformers to power your house, lights, the Government, Even your local Library. But, while eletronics are a plus, they can also be a minus when it comes to people getting hooked on it. If you score badly, please take my advice on the messages given with the scores. If you get a good score, Congrats!

The reason why I created this quiz was simply because I was bored. For the people who get both good and bad, here's a secret. I am acutally hooked on eletronics, and I made this quiz to see if anyone else was, so I didn't feel alone on this. So, when you get a nasty message at the end because you scored badly, don't worry. I would haved scored badly if I had told the truth when taking my own quiz (hehehe).

Created by: William

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  1. How long has it been since you last used eletronics?
  2. What do you do when bored?
  3. Does your job involve using a computer?
  4. When you play videogames, do you hesitate when your parents tell you to get off?
  5. When your phone gets a text message or email, how long does it take you to get it?
  6. How many eletronic devices are CURRENTLY USED in your home?
  7. How long are you hooked on your computer?
  8. How many consoles do you own?
  9. When the power is out, do you use a candle or a flashlight?
  10. Do you go outside and build a social life?

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Quiz topic: Can I survive without eletronics?