How much do you know about transformers?

Transformers, the show that had us captivated in the 80's. Not just machine, but soul. A true believer does not come often. but there are those of us that know everything there is to know about Transformers. The nerds.

Can you pass this test? Can you even remember? Try your skill. Not all of us know, but some of us can try really hard. And when we do, we can surprise ourselves.

Created by: Vader

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  1. Who is Optimus Prime?
  2. What was Optimus Primes name before he became a Prime?
  3. Sorry with all the questions of Optimus but just one more. How did Optimus Prime become a prime?
  4. What is Unicron?
  5. Are the autobots and deceptions man made?
  6. Who are the bad guys?
  7. What are autobots and Decepticons also known as?
  8. Can the autobots fly?
  9. Who were transformers created by? Ha, weren't expecting that were you?
  10. How many issues of transformers was originally meant to come out?
  11. Who voiced Optimus prime and Ironhide in the 1986 movie "Transformers?"
  12. What did Bumblebee originally turn into?
  13. Could Bumblebee talk in the original series?
  14. What was originally planned to happen to the Autobots in the 1986 movie?
  15. What scene made us cry in the movie?
  16. Who was the matrix of leadership supposed to be passed on to but ultimately did not work?
  17. Who else has Optimus Primes voice actor voiced?
  18. Can you guess my favorite character?
  19. Who is Starscream?
  20. Ultimately what happened to Starscream?
  21. Who is Grimlock?
  22. Who directed the 2000's transformers franchise?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about transformers?