Are you a transformer?

Transformers is popular thing in this universe since toilet paper. in this quiz this has all the questions to see if your a transformer. so if you think of seeing if your a transformer do it.

Are YOU a true transformer? Do you have the guts to see if your a mean robotic fighting machine. this might sound stupid but it only tests if your a fan of transformers.

Created by: Will This Be My Username
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  1. What do you think of michael bay's transformers?
  2. do you collect transformers stuff?
  3. (this won't effect your results) Beast Wars Or Original?
  4. if there was a new transformers movie without michael bay directing it what would you do?
  5. transformers more than_________
  6. true or false beast wars got cancelled in 1998?
  7. True or false Transformers age of exctinction is the last transformers movie made and ever will be?
  8. If there were Transformers bobbleheads would you collect all of it?
  9. In which country do MECH abduct breakdown?
  10. True or false is there a bumblebee transformers limo and appeared in a australian comic expo?
  11. Autobots OR Decepticons
  12. What did you think of this quiz

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Quiz topic: Am I a transformer?