Which Transformer are you?

This quiz tells you what character in the Transformers movie you would be. I have used some tried and tested questioning techniques to make sure this quiz is 100% accurate.

I repeat this quiz is 100% accurate, and there is no way you can prove otherwise, if you happen to actually be a transformer taking this quiz then I apologise for any derogatory terms I used.

What is your age?
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What is your gender?
If your in a fight and your on your knees just about to be defeated, what would you do:
Plead for mercy
Run away like a little girl
Make a joke and see if your attacker laughs, and you become the best of friends
Give your attacker one final punch and knock him out
Eat Him
Take the defeat, go to the gym for a couple of months and then get your revenge
What Sport would you rather play:
You don't play sports
At an all you can eat buffet you:
Eat the whole buffet leaving nothing for everyone else
Have a salad, cause you're on a diet
Shove your face directly into the buffet
Have a well balanced meal
Eat chicken wings and only chicken wings
Your in a club and a hot chick is eyeing you up, what would you do:
Sweep her of her feet and take her back to yours
Stare at her like a mad psycho
You play for the other team
Chat to her and maybe take her for a coffee the next day
Nothing, you've got more important things to do like drink till you collapse
You have a choice of these bands to go see live, they're all playing on the same night, which one do you go see:
Sting and the Police
50 Cent
Boy George
Arctic Monkeys
Cansei De Ser Sexy
Your out for drink with friends and your asked what you'd like, you say:
Not for me, I have work tomorrow
JD and Coke, hold the coke
A pint of Stella Artois
A vodka + mixer
10 shots of tequila, and a pint to wash it down
A cocktail
Your going to the cinema on a first date, what do you go to see:
Nacho Libre
V for Vendetta
Love Actually
Lost in Translation
The Ring
Planet of the Playmates
You have the opportunity to learn an instrument and play in a band, which instrument do you want to play:
I get stage fright, I'll just work the lights or something
I want to be the singer
Your in an exam and a difficult question that you can't answer comes up, would you:
Do your best to answer it
You don't give a s---
Use your cheat sheet which you sneaked in earlier
Stand up and do a jig
You have a secret that you promised not to tell anyone, you would:
Respect the secret and keep it to yourself
Tell everyone, cause its a funny story and has to be told for comedy value
Kill yourself cause you can't take the pressure of keeping this secret
Tell one person but tell them to keep it a secret
Learn the secret in French and phone randoms in France to releive yourself of the pressure

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