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  • Dis quiz sucks guirilla bowls.

    Lol just kidding, I have actually created a similar quiz quite a while ago, at [no urls]

    Your quiz was quite good, but I would suggest that you be careful with your spelling a bit. Electronics has an extra C which you kept missing throughout the quiz. It is eleCtronics.

    Also, sorry about the odd username, this is an old username I set up a long time ago.

  • Oh, the website would not except my quiz website so I will do it differently; words in parentheses are the punctuation in the URL:

    http(colon slash slash)www(dot)gotoq uiz(dot)com(slash)a re_you_addicted_to_ your_technology

  • u tell me i have no life, then u say no offence!!! thats not how it works dude!!!


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