Revenge- Part 8

All of the girls are Undetermined because they are developing their powers. Even though they already have some powers, I didn't put it on here. Amir: Stop time-can stop time and move in it; go forward or back. Also very paranoid and afraid of getting caught. Gavin: Regeneration-can heal themselves or others very quickly. Very hard to die. Landon: Mind control-can control people with their mind and ability to level up someone's perceptions of others. Connor: Vision-based: Night vision-can see in the dark; X-ray vision-can see through objects; Heat vision-can burn things by looking at it; Telescopic vision-"Ability to magnify and extend one's vision to various levels" (Wikipedia)

Hayden:Telekinesis-being able to move things with your mind. (other powers) ability to get into someone's mind, reading minds. Dani: Undetermined. Savannah: Undetermined. Hanna: Can view someones personality, abilities (superpowers, etc), strengths and weaknesses just by looking at them. Kyla: Undetermined. Blue: Undetermined. Winter: Undetermined. Lucy: Undetermined. Tammy: Undetermined. Spencer: Undetermined. Paige: Undetermined. Skye: Undetermined. Britney: Undetermined. Mason: Werewolf. Evan: Shapeshifter-can turn into whatever they want; animals, non-moving objects, people, etc. Bradley: Enhanced Vision-can see really small things or things that are really far away. Caleb: Invisibility. Lucas: Technopathy-being able to control eletronics with your mind. Jayden: Angel.

Created by: Miss Direction
  1. I guess I was still pressing the button when this happened. I run to the elevator and push Sublevel-One. Seconds later, the elevator stops. I go into the tec lab and goo over to Lucas. "That's them," he shows a picture of them with Landon, Gavin, Evan, and Jason when they were younger. "Where are they now?" I ask. "Looks like they are pretty close to us," he answers. "Can you get in contact with them?" I ask even though I know Landon and Gavin aren't going to approve. "Ok got. What do you want me to say?" "Ask them to come," I say. A few minutes pass and then Lucas says, "They agree."
  2. After I explained what happened to the rest or them and said thank you to Lucas, I bravely walk into the the room where Landon, Evan, and Jason were. The entire time I was with Lucas and explaining to the rest of the gang what's going into the walkie-talkie trying to figure out what we meant. But I shut my talkie off. "I asked Lucas to find them, and he did. We asked them to come and they agreed," I say slowly. "Wait who's 'them'?" Landon asks. "Nolan, Ian, Blaine."
  3. What happened next was unexpected. Apparently, when Landon gets really mad or pissed off, a power comes out that the guys usually don't see. He has something to do with lighting. We didn't learn much about it in school so I don't exactly know what happened. I think he shocked me with his lighting. I wake up in my room and find that Gavin, Connor, Mason, Bradley, Caleb, and the girls were also in my room. I guess I was unconscious. "What happened?" I ask and try to sit up. Try. Bradley and Gavin help me. "Well after you told them, Landon got all freaked out and shocked you but by the time Amir could stop the time and pull you out, it was too late. You fell unconscious. Then Gavin healed you and Amir, Hayden Evan, Jayden, and Jason are with Landon now." Paige explains. "You forgot the part where you guys freaked out, thought she was dead, and flipped out on Landon," Bradley says jokingly. Paige gives him a look and Lucy says, "Ugh shut up." Bradley laughs and Lucy throws a pillow at him which hits him in the face then she starts laughing. Looks like someone is having a good time
  4. A day has pasted. Gavin says that I'll be able to start training again tomorrow. Gavin, Hayden, Lucas, Mason, Caleb, Jayden, Jason, and the girls are here in my room. Amir, Connor, Evan, Bradley are teaching Savannah, Spencer, Skye, and Winter. God knows were Landon is.
  5. The timer goes out. The girls should be here in a minute. We have been sitting here talking and laughing while the girls were at training. There's a nock at the door and someone walks in. Guess the girls came back quick. The first thing I see is blond hair. None of the girls out there have blonde hair. The room goes silent. Without my glasses I can't exactly see who it is but I think it's Landon. Holy s--- Landon. The guys stand up and Gavin says, "You aren't allowed to see her." "I just want to say sorry," Landon says. They look at me for my approval. Honestly, I don't want to talk to him. So I decide to stall. "Is that Landon? I can't see from here," I sign to Tammy. I'm sure the guys could understand what I'm signing but I did it fast so it would be harder. "Yeah. You don't have to talk to him if you don't want to," she replies. "Honestly, I really don't. But I'm gonna have to talk to him somehow. I can't just avoid him; we live in the same house so tell them it's ok, I will talk to him." I sign to Tammy. "I would like to talk to her alone," Landon says after Tammy said that I agreed. "This couldn't get any worse," I sign. "Only if you promise not to shock me again. I don't think I had a good reaction to that," I say. He laughs and says, "I promise."
  6. Everyone leaves and I'm sure they are outside the room listening. "When you walked in the room and told us that you found our brothers, I just...lost it. This has happened before, when they found them, told us then I freaked out. Mason...he um well survived it, and had a better reaction." He waited for my response. I'm not really sure what to say. "What are you trying to say?" Is what I came up with. "Honestly, I don't really know. I'm just really sorry. I never expected this. I really hope you forgive me because I really like you and I don't want us to end because you trying to help me (and them) but I screwed it up. I'm really sorry." He really does look sorry. But I'm not letting him off this easy. "First, there is no us. Second, you did screw it up. But I'm a forgiving person, so I forgive you." I say. He thanked me then we had a long hug, Landon practically crushing me. "But forgetting isn't as easy as forgiving."
  7. When the girls were done with training we hung out in my room. Just us. "You know, this house may be huge and awesome, but there isn't much stuff to do. We've already done everything." Skye says sadly. I sign. It is true. The rest agree. "Hey do they have a basketball court?" Winter asks. "Uh I don't think so," Blue says. We love playing basketball together. We're quite good, if I do say so myself. "Well why are we just sitting here?! Let's go get one!" Savannah says.
  8. We run into the guys downstairs. "Where you guys going?" Landon asks. "Going to get a basketball hoop," Spencer says casually. "What?!" Landon chokes. "You guys don't have one and it's pretty boring around here," I say. "You guys play basketball?!" Hayden asks surprised. "No we're just getting it so we can stare at it!" Lucy says sarcastically. "Yes we do. We're quite good too." Paige says after rolling her eyes at Lucy. "We're coming," Mason says. "Why? We can drive there by ourselves, we know the way," Kyla says. "Don't question us," Jayden says. "We just did," Hanna says. Besides the two of them, we all 'ooohhh'. Hanna gives him a look. I think we just won. "You wanna know why?" Caleb asks. Hanna nods. "What if something happens to you? You're still in training you wouldn't know what to do, how to fight back," Caleb says. "Well as Paige said, we're quite good at basketball. It would just be like a basketball game. The opposite team trying to attack us which would then lead us to playing defense. If we would elbow them in the gut, then hit their left ankle from the back which then they would fall. On average, it would take an immortal person 6.8 seconds to get up. Considering our speed we would be able to make it to the car and with Kyla driving, I think we're good." Brit says.
  9. They finally agreed. We were walking around in Kmart looking at hoops until we noticed her. Our principle. "Run. Run girls. Run." Savannah says. We did. Savannah right behind us, as well as our principle. We all made it safely to the car. We drove around a bit and lost her. Plus Kyla ran into her car. "Why was she there?" Tammy asks. "Yeah and why was she chasing us?" Blue asks. We all ask different questions, trying to figure out the answer. Brit found it. "There's only one reason. She knows."
  10. Ok that's it! Thanks for reading! Please remember to comment and rate! Stay tuned for Part 9!
  11. Bye!

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