What does it mean to be elite?

Are you the best? Maybe you are. Please take this quiz to see if you are the best. Maybe you are. You never know. You are the best. Thanks for taking this quiz.

Are you a genius? Well you don't have to be a genius to be elite, but it helps. Some people are really smart. Some people aren't. You just need a can do attitude.

Created by: Serge

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  1. Will you get a statue?
  2. Will you get a parade?
  3. Will you donate sperm and people only get to see that you were elite on GTQ?
  4. Is it better than winning the lottery?
  5. What are all of the GTQ levels?
  6. Are you the best?
  7. If you are elite do you get to select which quizzes go on the homepage?
  8. Only 1,000 more quizzes to go can you do it?
  9. Thanks
  10. Thanks
  11. Nope

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