How Oregonian are you?

Oregon is perhaps the most under-appreciated of the 49 states (and the lie that we call North Dakota), but those of us who live here know how much we love it.

Are you rain-soaked? Do you at least know how to pronounce the state's name? Here is your chance to prove your worth and show that you know what it takes to be an Oregonian.

Created by: wmageartweed
  1. Oregon
  2. Oregonian
  3. Lake Oswego
  4. Eugene
  5. What is in Corvallis?
  6. Washington
  7. The White Stag sign currently says:
  8. What do you use/wear if it's raining?
  9. Sam Adams
  10. What is the Civil War?
  11. Boring
  12. Seattle
  13. PSU
  14. Tualatin
  15. Pok Pok
  16. Where do you get the best food?
  17. Bend
  18. Seaside

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Quiz topic: How Oregonian am I?