How Eastern Oregon Are You?

Do you feel forgotten because you take the Oregon tests and you grew up here or spent time here, but in Eastern Oregon? Well, this test is for a country bumpkin like you.

Wanna know how Eastern Oregonian are you? How much you know about the rural area of such a great state you really know? Take this test and find out!

Created by: Debbie
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  1. What college is in La Grande Oregon
  2. Have you ever gotten stuck on Cabbage Hill because of snow?
  3. Where does the Round Up take place?
  4. Do you go to church?
  5. How many of your friends own a rig?
  6. How do your pronounce Wallowa Lake
  7. What town is Kevin Federline from?
  8. What city in Eastern Oregon is home to the Oregon Trail interpretive center
  9. The tour in Pendleton gives you a history of what ethnic population
  10. Which town in Eastern Oregon has an 18 years old mayor?
  11. What is the place in Eastern Oregon that was recently renovated, but some believe is haunted?
  12. Which is not a body of water in Eastern Oregon
  13. Both Tri Cities and Boise airports are two and a half hours from La Grande which one would you have to leave for first to make an 8am flight?
  14. What mountains is Eastern Oregon in?

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Quiz topic: How Eastern Oregon am I?