How Oregonian are you?

Oregon? There are some people who aren't sure what or where Oregon is. Many people have studied the Oregon trail in school. Some have visited. You may have passed through it or encountered it on the United States map. Maybe you've lived there. The real question is: How much of an Oregonian are you?

Do you think that you know all about Oregon? Are you an Oregonian at heart? Do you know your Oregon trivia? This is the quiz to test your knowledge.

Created by: RebLin
  1. What is Oregon's capital?
  2. Who was the governor of Oregon in 2006?
  3. How do you pronounce "Oregon"?
  4. When you look outside, what is your ideal suburban setting?
  5. How far are you willing to go for the school systems?
  6. What is the official dance of Oregon?
  7. What is the deepest lake in Oregon (and the United States)?
  8. What do think of when you hear "Oregon coast"?
  9. Oregon...
  10. What is Oregon like in the winter vs. the summer?

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Quiz topic: How Oregonian am I?