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  • How Oregonian are you?
    Your Result: Quite Oregonian

    Whether you've lived here or not, you are very knowledgeable and most likely liberal. Maybe a few years in Oregon and you'll become one of us! Doesn't that sound exciting!?!?!

    62%Super Oregonian

    40%Somewhat-Kinda -Sorta Oregonian

    34%Fake Oregonian


    Yeah , I'm not as much an Oregonian as I used to be :( I was born there, though.

    DarthVader Jul 1 '14, 11:09AM
  • Super Oregonian lol

    AlexTheCat Jan 10 '13, 1:39AM
  • Haha. Live in Oregon, and love it.

    musicgirl Jul 24 '12, 9:01PM

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