How Oregon are you?

Oregon is a wonderful, mysterious land far to the west. Coastal tavellers will find it between Washington and California. Oregonians are above average in intellect, attractive and charming.

Are YOU an Oregonian? Do you have what it takes to order an espresso drink or a microbrew? Can you pronounce Willamette? (actually, none of those are questions in the quiz, but if you score high enough we know that you can.)

Created by: Colin of this site
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  1. Boring Oregon
  2. McMenamins
  3. City of Books
  4. City of Roses
  5. Tualatin
  6. Drain Oregon
  7. Benson Bubblers
  8. Oaks Park
  9. John Day
  10. PSU
  11. Aloha
  12. Neal, Vera and Tom
  13. White Stag
  14. Espresso
  15. On nitro

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Quiz topic: How Oregon am I?