How Richmond Are You?

There are many people who are Richmonders. There are also many people who are Richmonders by association. And there are also Richmond, wannabes. Which are you?

Ask yourself some Richmond questions like: How would you pronounce the words: Powhite Parkway? And, if you wanted to go to "the beach" this summer, where would you go? How Richmond are you?

What is your age?
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18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
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51 to 60 Years Old
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What is your gender?
You have a hankerin' for cookies. Who makes the best cookies in town?
Mediterranean Bakery Grocery & Cafe
Jean-Jacques Bakery
A Movable Feast
The Mixing Bowl
Ukrop's Bakery
Billy Bread Bakery
If you want to be a "somebody" in Richmond, your license plate is:
State issued.
Is personalized.
Has the least number of numbers possible.
Has a Virginia Tech license plate cover around it.
Covered in mud from rootin'.
Has your CB radio callsign on it.
It is 2am. The bars are closed. You want munchies. Where do you go?
Taste of Afrika
Waffle House
3rd Street Diner
Are you kidding? Nothing's open past 11pm!
You've got a hot date. Where would you go for a romantic evening?
Ruth's Chris Steak House
The Tobacco Company
Crab Louie's
Ivy Manor Inn
Davis & Main
You're out and about, and you meet another Richmond native. What's the first question you ask them?
Do you know [fill in the blank]?
When did you graduate college?
Where did you go to high school?
How long has it been since you've been home?
Do your parents still live in Richmond?
What's your favorite food from Ukrops?
Where did you go for summer vacations as a kid?
Water Country, USA
"KD" (King's Dominion)
Smith Mountain Lake
Busch Gardens
Historical Tour of Something Close by (Williamsburg, Charlottesville, Lynchburg)
The Neighborhood Pool
You're traveling in Richmond. What should you always have in your car?
Your cell phone. You never know when you're friends are having a party.
A McDonald's 32oz. cup. Without a top and straw, of course.
A cooler. Crack open a cold one.
Change. Lots of change. Darn toll roads...
A baseball cap. Just because.
A DMB CD... under the table and dreaming...
The "daisy sticker" means:
You're a DMB (Dave Matthews Band) fanatic.
You're a happy person, and you thought it would look nice on your Volvo.
I've always wondered what those meant.
It is the conservative's peace symbol.
You (or your kids) attended St. Catherine's school.
They're my favorite flower.
When shopping at Ukrops, you never leave without:
Bread & Milk
Fried Chicken
Red-skin Potato Salad
Ham Rolls
Cole Slaw
Rainbow Cookies
They're calling for a blizzard in Richmond! What is the first thing you do?
Call all of your friends to plan a snow day. It always snows in Richmond!
You listen for the school closings. If Chesterfield Co. schools are closed, you call in sick.
Do a snow dance. It never snows in Richmond!
Buy bread, milk and eggs. You'll be snowed in forever.
Look for that old saucer - there is virgin snow and lots of golf courses around.
Stay in. Richmonders don't know how to drive in the snow.
Where did you graduate from high school?
Mills Godwin
L.C. Byrd
St Catherine's
You're parents are now "empty-nesters". Where are they now?
At the lake house you used to spend your summers at.
At the beach house you used to spend your summers at.
They've downsized to an "Active Adults Community".
What do you mean, "empty nest" - I still live there!
I can never seem to find them at home. They must LIVE at Outback Steak House!
They're still in your childhood home. Amen!
You're thirsty, so you ask for a:
The Richmond Braves play at:
The Coliseum
The Diamond
The Richmond Renegades play at:
The Coliseum
The Diamond
You're in the mood for a microbrew, where do you go?
Extra Billy's BBQ & Brewery
Hops Restaurant & Brewery
Richbrau Restaurant & Brewery
Legend Restaurant & Brewery
Rock Creek Restaurant & Brewery
When you have to get a driver's license, etc. you go to the:
The "beach" is:
Smith Mountain Lake
Virginia Beach
Eastern Shore
Chesapeake Bay
What is Shockoe Slip?
A lingerie store
A restaurant
A district
What is The Flood Zone?
The area around the James River
A club
The time of year when the James floods
A restaurant

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