How Richmond Are You?

This a a very simple quiz for Richmonders who want to prove that they know something about their hometown! There are many smart people, but few true geniuses. Genius is, afterall, quite exceptional!

Show your skills, and test your Richmond knowledge! I know that you've been waiting for a chance to show the world just how smart you are! I took the quiz and scored 2 100%!

Created by: BJ Fre$h
  1. Which is not a bridge in Richmond?
  2. Fill in the blank. Fridays @ ______ is one of the East Coast�s premier summer concert series.
  3. Which of the schools listed is the only school located in the city of Richmond?
  4. The worst mall in Richmond now that Cloverleaf is no longer is?
  5. At what place more than the other choices will you run into someone you know every time you go?
  6. What Richmond slang term means good?
  7. The most historical African-American area in Richmond is?
  8. Which of these persons was not born in Richmond?
  9. What newspaper merged with the Richmond Times-Dispatch on June 1, 1992 to form one single morning publication for the Richmond area?
  10. Where can you get the best fish from in Richmond?

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