How "East End" are you?

There are lots of people who know of the East End of London, from watching Eastenders or other such shows.. but how much do you really know about the former Olympic Town..?

This is an every day quiz for people to find out exactly how much they know about this brilliant part of the world, are you a local, an interested party or know hardly anything..? here is YOUR chance to find out..!!!

Created by: Wendy
  1. If you wanted to get to Westfield Shopping Centre, which tube station would you get off at?
  2. You see a friend, who owes you money, £25 to be exact, how much would they give you in slang terms?
  3. Where is Albert Square?
  4. What classifies someone as a "true Cockney"..?
  5. You are at Stratford Bus station, and you need to get to Wanstead, which bus would you get.
  6. What is the name of the large hospital in the East End of London?
  7. What colour is the Central Line that runs through part of the East End on the tube map
  8. If a Eastender, tells you they are going to the Rub a dub, down the frog and toad would you.......
  9. What is the name of the large expanse of land in East London where several hundred amateur football teams play on a Sunday Morning..????
  10. An Eastender says to you....."You are 'aving a tin barf".. how would you reply..?

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Quiz topic: How "East End" am I?