How much do you really know about the Middle East?

The Middle East is one of the most contentious regions in the world. How many people truly understand the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? How many people in the world can separate fact from propaganda, truth from sheer lies? Take this quiz and scratch below the surface of what you think you know about this pivotal region...and let the surprises begin...

How much do you know about the Middle East, and specifically about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? What started it? Who is justified? Who has offered peace? Who has categorically rejected peace? Can the "facts" that you "know" about the Midde East be backed up with neutral and accurate historical documentation? Take this quiz and find out what you know...or don't know!

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  1. How many countries in the M.E. have non-Muslims been murdered in or kicked out of, to the point of drastically reducing their representation of the population there?
  2. How many times has Israel officially offered a peace agreement with the palestinians?
  3. How many times have the people who call themselves palestinians rejected a possible peace with israel?
  4. where does the word "palestinian" come from?
  5. Who were the Philistines and where did they come from?
  6. When did Arabs arrive in the land that was referred to as Palestine?
  7. What is the holiest city in Judaism?
  8. What is the holiest city in Islam?
  9. How many times is Jerusalem mentioned in the Koran (holy book for Islam)?
  10. How many times did Mohammad (the founder of Islam in 622 AD) go to Jerusalem in his lifetime?
  11. How many times is Jerusalem mentioned in the Hebrew bible?
  12. What now stands at the holiest site in Judaism?
  13. Likewise, how many Jewish or Christian structures stand in Mecca or Medina (the two holiest sites in Islam)?
  14. According to Israeli law, who can visit Jerusalem?
  15. According to Saudi Arabian law (where Mecca is located) who can enter the city of Mecca?
  16. Does the inaugural (Palestinian Liberation Organization) PLO Covenant of 1964 mention Jerusalem?
  17. How many Muslim nations have non-Muslims in their government body?
  18. How many of Israel's 120 Parliament members are non-Jewish Arabs?
  19. Where was Yassir Arafat, beloved leader of the people who call themselves "palestinians" born?
  20. Where does Yassir Arafat's widow live?
  21. How much money has been given through donations by Western and Muslim nation to the Palestinians, and how has the money been spent?
  22. In August 2002, international donors forced Arafat to sign over his investments to the Palestine Investment Fund, which was audited by U.S. accountants and managed by Palestinian Finance Minister Salam Fayyad, a former International Monetary Fund official
  23. After Arafat was found to be guilty of squandering donations from the US, Japan, and European Union on cronies, extremist groups, and sending his wife (living in a Paris penthouse) a paycheck of $200,000 a month, what did he do?
  24. TRUE or FALSE: Illegal Arab immigration to the British Mandate (occupied land) of Palestine was rampant in the first half of the twentieth century.
  25. When the British divided Palestine up for the groups of people who lived in the was it divided up?
  26. The only existing "legal" definition of who a "Palestinian Refugee" is comes from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), who defines it as "persons whose normal place of residence was Palestine [the Pal
  27. Does the previous definition for refugees apply to Jews and other non-Muslims that have been exterminated, legislated, and kicked out of their home countries (like Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Ottoman Empire) for centuries?
  28. What war created the "Palestinian Refugee Problem"?
  29. What started the Arab-Israeli War of 1948?

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Quiz topic: How much do I really know about the Middle East?