how much you know about drama : magnificent century

i have made this quiz because i want to see how carefully and nicely people watch drama really try here how careful you are watching magnificent century drama serial

All questions of right to one side, I have never been able to banish the queasy inner suspicion that Israel just did not look, or feel, either permanent or sustainable. I felt this when sitting in the old Ottoman courtyards of Jerusalem, and I felt it even more when I saw the hideous 'Fort Condo' settlements that had been thrown up around the city in order to give the opposite impression. If the statelet was only based on a narrow strip of the Mediterranean littoral (god having apparently ordered Moses to lead the Jews to one of the very few parts of the region with absolutely no oil at all), that would be bad enough. But in addition, it involved roosting on top of an ever-growing population that did not welcome the newcomers.

Created by: sara
  1. who was kosem sultan
  2. how was sultan ahmed killed
  3. how many years SULTAN SULEIMAN ruled
  4. who was HAFSA sultan
  5. what was relation between yasmeen and kosem sultan
  6. who was khazina sultan
  7. who killed mahaferoze sultan
  8. describe kosem
  9. what was name of first son of sultan suleiman
  10. who was farya sultan
  11. who was ayse sultan
  12. who was sultan osman
  13. who was mahidevran sultan
  14. which actress is playing as kosem
  15. who is playing as sultan ahmed

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