PD4 Middle East Practice

How much do you know about the Middle East? Well, actually... it's technically Southwest Asia... but whatever. Take this practice test to see how much you know. It should help you see where you are and what you still need to review.

Hopefully this practice test will help you out a bit and you'll do well on the real thing. Make sure you still study though. This is a big unit so some things aren't covered in this practice. Good luck.

Created by: Steven

  1. What is the capital of Iraq?
  2. What is located between Egypt and Israel?
  3. What militarily strategic region did Israel capture from Syria in a war?
  4. What small island nation is located north of Qatar?
  5. What two things give Saudi Arabia the nickname, "The Land of the Two Holy Mosques?"
  6. What is the West Bank west of?
  7. In what year did the 6 Day War occur?
  8. What declaration was signed by Britain, promising Palestine as a homeland to the Jews?
  9. In what year was the above declaration signed?
  10. What is the name of the mesa in which Jews fled to and later killed themselves?
  11. What is the capital of Lebanon?
  12. After WWI, the League of Nations gave Syria to which country as a mandate?
  13. What Jewish leader blew up the King David Hotel and later became Prime Minister of Israel?
  14. In what year did Great Britain withdraw from Palestine and Jews declare the state of Israel?
  15. Who came up with the idea to partition Palestine into 2 states?
  16. What year signified the end of the diaspora?
  17. Who was President of the United States during the Suez Canal Crisis?
  18. In what year did the Suez Canal Crisis take place?
  19. What does OPEC stand for?
  20. Leading up to the 2nd Arab-Israeli War, Nasser borrowed money from what two nations?
  21. What are nomadic Arabs known as?
  22. In what war did Israel sieze the West Bank, the Golan Heights, the Gaza Strip, and the Sinai Peninsula?
  23. What was the main reason behind the Arab Oil Embargo?
  24. When was the oil embargo lifted?
  25. Who was the first Arab leader to visit the nation of Israel?
  26. When was the Camp David Accord signed?
  27. What Israeli leader fell into a coma?
  28. What Israeli leader was assassinated in 1981?
  29. What does the acronym "PLO" stand for?
  30. What leader of the PLO signed an agreement with Rabin in September 1993, with Clinton being the mediator?
  31. In 1994, Israel signed an agreement with what country, ending the 46 year war?
  32. Who is the current president of Egypt?
  33. What country is Hezbollah most closely associated with?
  34. Who did Israel first ask to become their president?
  35. In what year was the World Trade Center fist attacked?
  36. What is the date of two terrorist attacks separated by two years?
  37. What is the name of the group of Muslim fighters in Afghanistan?
  38. What is the ancient name of Asia Minor?
  39. Who is regarded as the "Father of Turks?"
  40. What is the poorest country on the Arabian Peninsula?

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