Constitution Prep-Amendments

The constitution test is coming closer... you're up all night studying.... but you still can't get those amendments down straight. This is the story for alot of middle-schoolers making sure they pass.

Heres a little quiz that may help you in the long run. With this quiz you can pinpoint the amendments you need to work on and practice them! This quiz goes over middle school questions.

Created by: abi

  1. How many amendments are there?
  2. What amendments make up the Bill of Rights?
  3. What amendment gives you the right of the accused?
  4. Which amendments have to do with the accused/criminals?
  5. What amendment ended slavery?
  6. Which amendment allows 18-year-olds to vote?
  7. Which amendment ended women sufferage?
  8. Which amendment puts a restriction on the number of terms a president can serve?
  9. What does amendment say?
  10. Which amendment cancels another amendment?
  11. What does that amendment cancel out?
  12. Which amendments have to do with taxes?
  13. What is the 15 amendment?
  14. When was the first amendment passed?
  15. When was amendment 27 passed?
  16. Which article tells how to amend the constitution?
  17. What article is the amendments in?
  18. *easy one* What document is the amendments in?

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