STARFLEET Constitution Quiz

The STARFLEET Constitution is the backbone of the world's largest Star Trek fan association. Come see what you know about it! You'll find a lot of questions -- some easy, some not -- about how things work.

Sure, you know where to find the constitution, but do you know what's in it? You'll find a lot of questions -- some easy, some not -- about how things work. Show what you know!

Created by: amazon of Blog on the Edge of Forever
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  1. What is the minimum age to become Commander, STARFLEET?
  2. Who has the power to kick a member out of STARFLEET?
  3. On what day does campaigning for Commander, STARFLEET officially begin in an election year?
  4. Who is constitutionally required to be bonded?
  5. What is the minimum age to become the Inspector General?
  6. When does STARFLEET's fiscal year start?
  7. Who is empowered to assess a chapter charter fee?
  8. How many nominations are required for someone to be a candidate for Commander, STARFLEET?
  9. Who is responsible for hiring a CPA to run the election?
  10. What regional officers is an RC required to have, per the STARFLEET Constitution?
  11. Who comprises the STARFLEET Appeals Board?
  12. A departing Commander, STARFLEET receives a lifetime membership unless:
  13. Whose signature is required on all checks drawn from the STARFLEET General Account?
  14. Who is constitutionally charged with the production and revision of the membership handbook?

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