Should you be in America

There are hundreds of thousands people in America. Some are American and some just live here and whine about everything. There are others who even want to make everything their way despit any one elses opinion and can't Conceive of just being happy that they live in a place where they can't be killed for an opinion. UnAmaericans want their opinions upheld above others as " A Freedom " "they deserve" but that only takes away some one elses freedom. Then there are Americans, people who are happy to live where they have freedom and choice but who originally followed a set laws that every knew where good called the Constitution.

Which of these are you, American, UnAmaerican, Some one who just lives in America or some one who is trying to creat their own country because they don't like the one they live or previously lived in. The Un-Americans hate the Americans- Constitution. The whiners well they whine. The Americans love what they have and do well with it and the other catagory are so smart that nothing they do makes sence. This survey is designed to let you know what catagory you might fall into and what do do with that information once you have it. ENJOY--------->

Created by: Cody
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  1. A good friend comes over and asks if you would like to go camping and hunting. It is hunting season on all non-domestic animals and you don't need a lisence. You answer.
  2. Your out with your friends having a good time visiting your local hang outs and you are hit on by a member of the same sex. you?
  3. A gorgeous girl you have like'd for some time drinks too much at a party and passes out, normaly she does not get beyond buzzed.
  4. You are given a random, full scholarship to any collage. Your choice of study is?
  5. Do you speak English...... (enough for Americans to understand)?
  6. Where are you from?
  7. You believe most Americans.
  8. You have stong opinions that at a bar.
  9. You believe Gay marriage, hippies, liberals or Diversity Training is ok?
  10. Do you Drive a Honda, a Ricer or an electric hybrid.
  11. Do you drink coffee almost exclusively at starbucks.
  12. Have you ever called some one a homophobe?
  13. Do you car about being PC?
  14. Have you ever thought it was a good idea to amend the Constitution, take God out of schools or take crosses down through out cities for muslims and offended liberals?

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Quiz topic: Should I be in America