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  • I wish I had gotten i am 100% wrong for america but instead I got you are right 45% america darn lol

    des4life Aug 25 '12, 12:32AM
  • same as misskiss, proud to be american, proud NO TO BE the american you want, idiot

    kahlua Jul 7 '11, 10:31AM
  • F**K AMERICA!Go sux micheal jackson&Chris Martin(Coldplay) and listen 2 some SlipKnoT.AMERICA IS A KILLING NAME IT DOSEN'T FEEL OR DISCRIMINATE!!

    xxSICMAGGOTxx Mar 16 '09, 1:15PM
  • i lived here all my life and i'm 100% wrong for america. lol.

    misskiss May 21 '08, 11:21AM

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