How Stamford are you?

There are quizzes about London, Paris, New York but now there is a chance to test your knowledge about a little town described by John Betjeman as "the finest stone town in England"

Are you the Pride of Stamford? Whether you live here, shop here, work here, or visit, try our little quiz and found out if you are a Secret Stamford Genius!

Created by: Jane

  1. Stamford was recently awarded the accolade of which of the following?
  2. Stamford is in which county?
  3. The river running through the town is called....?
  4. Which part of Burghley House featured in the film "Angels & Demons"
  5. Which Olympic event is most closely connected with an Olympic gold medal winner
  6. Which film required the exterior of the Arts Centre to be transformed by the production team
  7. Which supermarket is the odd one out for the town of Stamford
  8. What was Daniel Lambert most famous for....?
  9. King West, Knight Partnership, Paul Johnson, and Watson Mitchell are all what type of businesses?
  10. What has recently opened in the town centre after a long campaign by residents

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Quiz topic: How Stamford am I?