Are You A Romfordian?

Many people claim to know Romford, the Capital of east London, but do they really know this bustling town? Lets see how many real Romfordians there are.

Are you a real Romfordian? Do you know the town inside out like the back of your? Take a few minutes to find out in this quiz about the town of Romford.

Created by: Azif Ucan
  1. In which London Borough is Romford?
  2. Which activity takes place at Romford Stadium?
  3. How old is Romford Market?
  4. Which river runs thru Romford?
  5. Which day of the week is parking free in Romford?
  6. Who operates the Romford to Upminster Line?
  7. What is the name of the hospital in Pettits Lane?
  8. In which street in Romford is the police station located?
  9. Where is Sandgate Close?
  10. How many cinemas are there in Romford?
  11. In which year did Romford become part of London?
  12. What kind of road is the Romford Ring Road?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Romfordian?