How Telford are you?

"A town with a average of 150 thousand people living there in the west midlands of England. Many newspaper reports called it the chav capital of the world but there are hundreds of emos around as well outside the Telford courts. A very up-coming town that is always being developed every day.

If you walk through certain parts of the town like Woodside, Randlay, Dawley, Malinslee and many more and look the wrong way at a bunch of chavs you are likely to get stabbed!!" - Urban Dictionary

Created by: Jennie Francis
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  1. Have you ever attended Donnington Bonfire?
  2. How well do you know 'Smithy Boy (and crew)'?
  3. Remember the green fountain in the town centre?
  4. Remember the pedal boats in the town park?
  5. How many times have you climbed on the Thomas Telford statue in front of the courts?
  6. AFC Telford United
  7. How do you pronounce 'bath'?
  8. Ow B'ist
  9. The Silkin Way...
  10. Telford is...
  11. Wonderland is...

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Quiz topic: How Telford am I?