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  • Well I don't live in the midlands, I live in the south, you won't have heard of all the towns here so would that be embarrassing for you not to know?
    And jockey, whats this got to do with british history? There must be history in every town, it doesn't mean every town in england needs a quiz about it.

    chocolatefrog Dec 21 '13, 3:03PM
  • 21% Flippin heck I was here before the New Town was even thought of & am still here!!

    Jaqi Nov 17 '13, 3:14PM
  • Chocolatefrog obviously doesn't know anything about British history.

    jockey Nov 14 '13, 7:36AM
  • Ahem - 180,000 people live in Telford and at least 10 million people or more in the Midlands have heard of it. I wouldn't show your complete ignorance in front of all of them. It's embarrassing for you.

    Ynyslass Nov 14 '13, 4:43AM
  • What is wrong with all you SHEEP, someone posted an Essex quiz on Facebook so hey lets all make one about our own town that no one has heard of. Do you not have a mind of your own i've never heard of telford and I don't care how much I am

    chocolatefrog Nov 12 '13, 3:10PM

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