How Richmond/Henrico are you?

So you think you know Richmond, Virginia? Why not take the quiz and see what it says? Most questions have only one right answer. But there are a few scaled answers.

The quiz is more from a Henrico perspective than living in the actual city limits. But most questions are fairly common knowledge for any long time Richmond resident.

Created by: Fred

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  1. How would you pronounce "Powhite" Parkway?
  2. How much does it cost to cross the "Nickel Bridge"?
  3. How many former US Presidents are buried at Hollywood cemetery?
  4. Which way does the Robert E. Lee statue on Monument Avenue Face?
  5. For 25 years, there was a popular night spot at Glenside and Staples Mill called Katy-O-Leary's. What was the owners wife's first name?
  6. As urban legend has it, the "stairway scene" in the classic movie "Gone With The Wind" was filmed at which famous Richmond Hotel?
  7. What famous Richmond personality is a musician, has a weekly radio show, and sings on commercials for the Christian Children's fund?
  8. After a night at the bars, where might you have some grub?
  9. What was the professional hockey team in Richmond during the 70's?
  10. During the late 60's and early 70's, Richmond had an ABA Basketball team. What were the called.
  11. During the late 60's, 70's, and through the mid 80's, thousands of people would gather every Sunday afternoon from spring through fall to party at which of the following places?
  12. There is a somewhat famous cross dresser who worked the streets of Richmond for years gaining among other things radio spots on Dee in the morning.
  13. There is a famous song and dance man from Richmond who was dubbed "Mr' Bojangles. The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band did a song by that name, and he once starred in a movie with Shirley temple. What was his real name?
  14. Heading out of downtown to the west, what district will you run through anywhere South of Broad Street and North of the river.
  15. What grocery store deli serves the best fried chicken?
  16. If you were going to party on the river, and catch a little sun, which of these may be a consideration.
  17. Who has the cheapest cigaretts and beer in Town?
  18. What somewhat upscale establishment downtown features 4 floors?

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Quiz topic: How Richmond/Henrico am I?