How Hogwild are you?

Sure, you are one of the 4000 people that fill up the Big Orange Box for IceHogs hockey each night but are you truly Hogwild? Take this quiz to see if you are truly Hogwild!

Do you travel to the Metro Centre east (sears center) west (the Mark) and south (US CELL). Do you have 1330 set as every preset in you car? Do you go into a deep depression from May until October? Take this quiz to see if you are truly Hogwild.

Created by: Mark

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  1. When did the Hogs first play in the Big orange box?
  2. What is the Big Orange Box?
  3. Finish this phrase.. Hey guess what...
  4. Who owns the Icehogs???
  5. The fans sound like they are booing? But they aren't. What are they doing?
  6. Which of the following have not been on a bobblehead?
  7. Which of these did not play for the Icehogs this year
  8. What team do you hate the most?
  9. Who is a great big sieve?
  10. #24 is
  11. The Icehogs next year will be in what league?
  12. Why is barbie girl playing at the Big Orange box?
  13. What section of the Metro Centre is "the noise?"
  14. Which of following was never a coach of the Icehogs?
  15. Which goalie had the best save percentage in the 05/06 regular season
  16. Who scored the most goals for the Hogs in their first season?
  17. Which of the following teams did Steve Martinson coach for?
  18. Which of these songs would you be least likely to hear at a Hogs game?

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Quiz topic: How Hogwild am I?