How much do you know about hockey?

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This is my quiz about hockey. Hockey has been in our beloved world for far over a century! We all love the sport, we all enjoy watching grown men drop their gloves...

...and skate at ridiculously fast speeds to get one tiny piece of rubber called a puck past a grown man wearing a ton of equipment into a net. But how much do you truly know about the mysterious sport called "hockey"?

Created by: 070085915

  1. What are the dimensions of an average NHL hockey rink?
  2. When was the sport "hockey" originally invented?
  3. Which country invented hockey?
  4. Who won the first Stanley cup in the NHL?
  5. What do you notice that's important about the previous question?
  6. Hockey was always an ice sport.
  7. Who's the newest team introduced into the NHL in the 2017-2018 season?
  8. How fast is the average slap-shot in a fast-pace hockey game?
  9. What's the average skating speed in a fast pace hockey game?
  10. What team has never won a Stanley cup before?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about hockey?