Riddle quiz for bored people!

Hi! This is my FIRST EVER QUIZ!!!! I’m not too stuffed about if you like it or not l, so feel free to give nice, strong feedback in the comments! I’d also appreciate a rating as well!

This quiz is just gonna give you some riddles to solve. Select the right answer, and your golden! Scores at the end. Like I said, leave feedback and overall just have fun!

Created by: HelloItAppearsToBeMe

  1. Three men were on a boat in rough and stormy weather. All of the sudden, a wave knocked all of them overboard, however not one single man got wet. How is this possible?
  2. How do you put an Elephant in a fridge?
  3. How do you put a Giraffe in a fridge?
  4. All the animals in the world went to a party. Which species didn’t turn up?
  5. An old lady had to cross a croc-infested river. There was no way to get across the river other than swimming. The old lady made it across without a single scratch. How?
  6. A plane was carrying 100 bricks. One brick fell out. How many are left?
  7. When that old lady got to the other side of the ‘croc infested river’, she died. Why?
  8. There are 12 fish in a tank. 5 drown. How many are left?
  9. If all blarrs are larrs, but not all blarrs are tarrs, then are all larrs tarrs?
  10. Last one! A couple went to a restaurant together. Both of them ordered ice tea. The woman had 3, while the man only had one. After the man finished his ice tea, he died. Detectives came and found that all the ice teas had been poisoned! How come the woman didn’t die after drinking 3, while the man did die after only drinking one?

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