Will you like the book series I'm writing?

I'm writing a book series called "The Adventurers of the Seven Kingdoms." Here's the basic info: people with magic powers, called Mystics, live in the Seven Kingdoms of Aldea, which is protected by a magical boundary, until the boundary fails and they get invaded by evil Mystics and demons. The main characters are Adventurers, meaning they go out on quests for the royal family.

So, will you like this series? I hope you do! And since most of the reason I created this quiz was to get feedback on my book series, feel free to leave comments that will help me improve these books. I'd really appreciate it! Enjoy!

Created by: AllyJ
  1. First section: plots Book 1: An extremely powerful artifact that protects the kingdom from demons is stolen. There aren't enough Adventurers (fighters who go out on quests for the royal family) to go on a quest to retrieve it, so the princess chooses seven new ones (the main characters).
  2. Book 2: the artifact--or, to be more accurate, the pieces of the artifact--have been hidden in ancient tombs of the kingdom's previous rulers. The tombs each have a difficult challenge the team must get past, including rooms of giant spiders and searching for coins while evading spirits that will kill you with one touch. (Don't worry, no one dies.)
  3. Book 3: The artifact (from now on referred to as the Tablet of Abrahath) is broken and useless, and the kingdom's magical boundaries are failing. Fortunately, there are three objects that when combined will strengthen the boundaries. Unfortunately, they're in the possesion of the Monrines, the worst enemies of the people in the kingdom (called Aldea).
  4. Book 4: The seven main characters, on a quest together for the first time, chase the Tablet thief around the world. I think they end up in Disneyland at one point. I do know they end up in Monr at the end, and one of the main characters sees the villian, the Dark Sorcerer, sworn enemy of Aldea and one of the most powerful sorcerers of all time, rise again.
  5. I don't know what happens in books 5-11. Though if you have any ideas, feel free to add them in the comments.
  6. In book twelve, Monr in winning the war against Aldea. Aldea's king dies, leaving young Princess Astrid in charge. Then somehow, death reverses in favor of Aldea, the ghosts of their fallen warriors join the fight, and Aldea defeats Monr.
  7. Okay, I'm done with plots now. The Dark Sorcerer has a five year old sidekick named Wogi.
  8. Somewhere around book 10, one of the main characters starts dating the Dark Sorcerer's right-hand man.
  9. These are the names of the main characters (they're all girls, by the way): Fira, Azalea, Cloud, Summer, River, Aspen, and Snowflake.
  10. These quotes all reflect the characters' personality. From these, do you think you would like the characters? "No. Go away while I beat up monsters." -Fira. "Ten, nine, eight--aw, nuttergongs, it jammed again!" -Snowflake. "Hey, guys, wake up, wake up! There's a cactus in front of our tent, see see see?" -Azalea
  11. Same directions as the previous question. "It's okay, Summer. We all have something we fear." -Aspen. "AAAAAH! A SPIDER!" -Summer. "Training is not pointless. Playing solitaire on your computer all day, now THAT's pointless." -River. "I feel like being totally random today. That, and speak only Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, and Aldean at the dinner table." -Cloud
  12. Last question: Do you think you'll like my series?

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Quiz topic: Will I like the book series I'm writing?