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  • "pop and rock. Pop rocks, lol :)"
  • fave album?
    "any evanescence album :) of course, those are the only full albums i've ever heard. if i hear a full nickelback or avril lavigne album i'd ..."
  • Heroes of Olympus
    "my favorite is still "The Lost Hero," followed closely by "Mark of Athena." oh, btw: TEAM LEO!!! :D that's my favorite scene in that book, l..."
  • Avril Lavigne
    "My favorite of her songs are girlfriend, innocence, keep holding on, and i'm with you."
  • "In order: 1.) "Sweet Sacrifice" and "What You Want" -Evanescence 2.) "22" -Taylor Swift 3.) "Like Whoa" -Aly & AJ"
  • Best Bands?
    "I'm a huge Evanescence fan. I also like Nickleback."

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