What do your friends like about you most?

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Please take my quiz! It's a bit long, but still take it please. Also when you are done with the quiz RATE and COMMENT, and CHECK OUT MY OTHER QUIZZES!

READ: In the school section the question are long, just so you know. I doubt the accuracy of this quiz too. ALL PICTURES IN THIS QUIZ ARE SCREENSHOTS FROM THE SIMS3! I do NOT own the Sims3!

Created by: Emma LAWL
  1. If you don't go to school or are done with it go to question 9.
  2. You're late for school. You go running up the stairs when you see your bf/gf crying. When you ask him/her what's wrong s/he tells you that his/her parents are getting divorced.
  3. For period 1 you and your BFF have the meanest math teacher ever. She announces you'll be getting your now graded math tests back. You get your test, and are suprised when you see your B+! You happily go over to see your BFF's score you find out s/he got an F. And you also know your BFF is touchy about his/her grades, and s/he is immediately jealous about your B+. Now s/he hasn't been hanging out with you, and soon you start to hear rumors, ABOUT YOU!
  4. It's Break. The popular clique stops to compliment your style, and invite you to sit with them. You remember promising to study with your History group in the library. What do you do?
  5. Then the popular clique says that they didn't want you sitting with them anyways, and also they mentioned that when they were talking about you your friend Sabrina said she thought you were stupid, hoping this would get her a spot in the clique. At lunch you see Sabrina, what do you do?
  6. You get home and you are about to pull out your homework when your sister comes over to you showing you the newest copy of her magazine. You read it, but honestly you didn't like it. Your sister asks you if you liked it.
  7. You finished the school section of this quiz! Please do these last few questions!
  8. Your bf/gf was cheating on you!
  9. Lately your friends have been leaving you out on EVERYTHING.
  10. YAY! Last question!

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Quiz topic: What do my friends like about you most?