how similar are we

Welcome to my first quiz! You will see how similar we are and who knows what the results will be? Maybe you are very similar to me, maybe we are opposites.

I hope you enjoy my quiz and please comment, and, or, rate. Check out other quizzes I make in the future. Good luck. Also, comment if you have any quizzes, I will check those out.

Created by: Ava
  1. when were you born
  2. what month were u born
  3. what day were u born
  4. what gender are u
  5. what letter does your name begin with
  6. what is your opinion on music
  7. whats your worst fear
  8. How much do you like shoes on a scale from 1-10, 1 meaning nothing but stuff to keep your feet protected. 10 meaning life!
  9. What is your family like?
  10. Are you planning on breaking up with a friend?
  11. Which of these songs do u like best
  12. Do you act older, or younger than your age?
  13. How do you feel when u see someone wearing socks with sandals.
  14. Do you like puzzles
  15. What I phone do u have
  16. Are you a dog person
  17. Are you a rollercoaster person
  18. What color is your hair
  19. What’s your eye color
  20. What’s your favorite food

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