What Natural Element Are You?

Okay so this is officially my first quiz as my username:) and I hope you like it. Oh and rock out! I have nothing else to say, so, love y'all and keep smiling! :D please check other quizzes of mine, thanks again.

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Created by: awesomecuziam
  1. You are your friend are stuck in the woods with no help to be found for miles. You both try to climb a steep hill, but when both of you are halfway up, she slips and breaks her leg. She starts crying. You:
  2. You are hanging out with your friends when suddenly someone starts picking on your little sister/brother who is also hanging out with you. You:
  3. You and your best friend are talking when she accuses you of something you didn't do. You:
  4. Okay... So time for some boring and normal questions, then back to drama!! :D What is your favorite color range?
  5. What would you rather wear?
  6. What is ideal weather for your tastes in the place of your dreams?
  7. Which song would you prefer?
  8. Which would you prefer?
  9. What pet would you prefer?
  10. Last one finally!!!
  11. Just kidding. THIS question is the last. Did u enjoy this?

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Quiz topic: What Natural Element am I?