life sucks when everything goes wrong part 8

Im sorry i took so long getting this one out. I have school and already have homework so ill only be able to get on th e computer on weekends. Srry. Anyway here is part 8, hope you like it.

Okay so i left off when You and Derek are in the kicten and next thing you know McKenzie is running down the stairs crying. What happpened? Whats going on? Whats wrong with her? Your asking yourself all these questions. Well read on and find out.

Created by: veronica

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  1. When McKenize came running down the stairs crying. "Mckezine, whats wrong"you ask. "Marley"she saids. "What about her"you ask. "She's.... she is.... gone"McKenize sods. "What do you mean 'gone'"you ask, already worrid. "When you and Tommy went out last night, Marley went out to buy a movie at WalMart. It was already late so we all went to bed. Marley was still out though. But we didn't worrid 'cause she said she'd be back in like 2secs. And then now, when i went into her room, she isn't there. I looked all over the place for her. Her car isn't in the drive way."she said crying more then ever. This is really hard for youto take in 'cause Marley was always there for you when you need her most.
  2. You start to cry when everyone is fanilly in the kitcan. Marley told them what happend. Serena was crying reallt hard, for Marley was here sister. Everyone was crying but Tommy and Tyler. Derek held you in him arms while you cryed in his chest.
  3. Just then everyone headed back up stairs. Derek stayed with you and helped you throw away the food. No one wanted to eat anything.
  4. You stayed with Derek and day. You guys wtached 3movies. One comdey, one horror, and one romance. The girls stayed together all day. Joey was out, and Tyler&Tommy where in there own room. No one ate anything all day. When you said goodnight to Derek it was 8:35pm. You eyes are all red and puffy from cry when you went to bed.
  5. You make up crying and saying the word 'No'. You just had a dream about Marley getting killed by Eviles. It's about 2:56am. You get out of bed and went out to wash your face in the bathroom. You open the bathroom door and see Derek washing his face. He looks up at you and you notice that he was been crying.
  6. "Sorry, i didn't mean to walk in on you"you say. "No no its okay. I'm done its all yours."he saids. He walks out and you walk in. You don't close the door 'cause all your doing is wetting your face. "_______, i was just about to go to your room to see if you where okay. I heard you moaning the word 'No' over and over again. Are you okay. Do you want to talk about?"
  7. You nod. "Come on then"he saids. You fallow him into his room. He has a lot of posters of rock bands all over the wall. Which band catchs your eye first?
  8. He goes and sits on his bed. You go and sit next to him."I had a nightmare"you said, tears already in your eyes. "What about"he asks. "Marley g-getting k-k-killed by the eviles."you sob. He had his arms around you before you even finished. You started crying in his chest again. "_______ we'll find her. I promise you we WILL find her. You nod your head. Derek pulls your head up and kisses you. You put your arms around is neck and you guys are making-out. You fall a sleep in his arms.
  9. When you wake up, Derek is still a sleep. You look at the the clock Derek has by his bed. Its 9:42am. You leave Derek sleeping and walk down stairs.
  10. You walk in to the kicten and had something to eat. Once you done you went back up stairs and took a shower. You put on shorts and a UF gator t-shrit. You went back into your room and put on True Blood (its a tv on HBO, its about vampires and stuff, its real good, its on every sunday night at 9pm).
  11. After one eped. you went to go use the bathroom(there an hour long). When you got back to your room, Derek was sitting on your bed. "Hey"you say and walk over to him. "Hi....I got worrid when i woke up and didn't see you next to me"he saids.
  12. "I didn't want to wake you up and i was hungry."you say with a smile. He smiles back. Derek was already shower. You put on another eped. of True Blood and watched it with Derek. When it was over you guys went down stairs. Everyone was up now and down stairs but Joey. He was no where to be found. =(
  13. The door bell rings and Tommy goes to answer it. "Um..hey"you here Tommy say. "Hey baby."you here some girl say. Baby?wtf'you think. You walk over to see who it is. You see a girl in the door way. She has to be close to your age, she has long brownish hair and is about your hight maybe an inch taller.
  14. "Well aren't you going to let me in"she asks. Tommy signs, so she just moves around him and walks in. Everyone is sitting on the stairs watching the seen.
  15. Tommy closes the door and turns to look at you. You stare at Tommy with questioning in your eyes. Tommy looks so sad for some reson. Then Tommy signs, "_______, this is girlfriend"he saids and puts his head down. CLIFFHANGER

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