life sucks when everything goes wrong part 7

Okay here is part seven of my guiz serize. And i know that i spelled words wrong and i really don't care, school hasn't started yet for me so i don't need to spell things right yet. Anyway if you didn't read parts 1-6 then go read them.

Guys can take my quizzes if they want to do so it doesn't matter but if i girl see's you they might think your gay so be carefull lol. So i left off when you are reading in your room and your door opens. Who is it? you till ask well read on.

Created by: veronica

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  1. Its Joey. "Can i come in?"he asks. "Of crouse"you say and put your book down. He comes in and sits and sits at your desk. You are lieing on your bed, "What's up"you ask. "We need to talk"he answers.
  2. "What is it?"you ask. "_______ know that now that your blood is inside me that i will aways know where you are, how you feel, and when you are in danger. Know that i will never hurt you and that i'll alway be there for you."he said. "I know"you say. "_______ when i bit you weren't even a little scared and i want to know why."he said. "Well i really don't know why. But i do know..."you said letting the sectence drift. "What it is?"Joey asked. "I do know that i love around you and that i feel very save when you are close."you say.
  3. You smile, blush, and put your head down. Before you know it Joey is sitting next to you lifting your head up with if hand. "______ i love. And i've always have. Ever sence i lade my eyes on you."Joey saids. "Joey....i don't know what to say."you say. "Say that you'll go to dinner with me tomorrow night."he said with a smile. "I'll go"you say and smile back.
  4. "Can i ask you something"you ask. "Go for it"he said. "Why do your eyes change color"you ask. He smiled and said, "took you long to ask". You poked him. "its a vampire thing. They change depending on the way i feel."he said. "What are all the colors"you ask. "Red=mad, Blue=sad, Yellow=relaxed, Green=full(from eating), Pinkish-red=in love, White=hurt or in pain, Brown=hungry, Gray=thristy, and Black=pissed of."he said.
  5. "Wow"you say. He smiled and kissed you on the lips. You put on The Dark Knight(batman)and cuddle with Joey. When the movie was done you told him that you had to get ready to go on a date with Tommy. His eyes turned blue, he said okay and got up. He was opening the door by now. "Wait"you say and he stops and turns around. You are already off the bed and on front of him in a flash. You kiss him on lips. Then pull away. He smiles and you smile back. "Bye"you say, "Bye"he saids and leaves. You put on jeans with a black polo.
  6. When your done you head down stairs. You see Tommy and laugh. "What"he asks. "We're wearing the same thing"you say and laugh again. He looks at you and then looks at himself and laughs a long with you. You guys are fanilly at the moveis now. What do you go see?
  7. You guys go see The Ugly Truth. You both laughed alote. When the movie was pver Tommy took you to Cold Stone. Fanilly when you both where done you guys headed to the beach, making just in time to see the sunset.
  8. When you guys fanilly got home everything was quite, everone must be a sleep you thought. "I had fun tonight"you say. "I did too"he said. You guys are in front of the stairs right now. "Goodnight"he saids and kisses you on the cheek. "Goodnight"you say and he walks up the stairs before you.
  9. You turn off all the lights before you walked into your room. You put on your pjs (your pick on what you wear as your pjs). You get into bed and pick up your book and started reading. After reading three chapters you go to bed.
  10. When you woke up, you went down stairs. No one was up yet so you just made banana pancakes(there so good my mom makes them). Its was 8:36am when Derek came down stairs. He smiles and gives you a hug before he sits down. You served him food with a smile. He wasn't wearing a shrit. Its is getting hotter in here you say in your mind.
  11. Your looking at him abs and can't pull away. "My eyes are up here" Derek says with a smile in his vocie. You fanilly pull your eyes away, blush and look away. Just then McKenize came running down the stairs crying. "McKenize...... CLIFFHANGER

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