What is your true personality?

Have you ever wondered what your true personality is? Have you ever thoguth you were being judged by the way you look? Well if s take this quiz to see if they were right

Take this quiz and you will finally know if you are being told wrong or just the plane sad truth. If there wrong then you can rub it all in there faces if they right tough luck likely if they are your life sucks

Created by: Mo'Nique

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. If someone walked over and stepped on your shoes and scuffed them up would you...
  2. You in line for lunch and you real hungry then all these peoople just start short cuttin you like you wernt there.
  3. what kind of dance do you prefer
  4. What network do you watch the most
  5. During halloween what do you do
  7. someone broke in your house and cleaned it out what you gonna do?
  8. If you can have 1 of these items what would it be
  9. what kind of dog do you like?
  10. what type of movies do you like?
  11. whats your grade point avergae

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Quiz topic: What is my true personality?