life sucks when everything goes wrong part 5

Sorry i took so long. Okay so maybe a day isnt long but still. Here is part 5. If you didn't read the ones befor this then go back and read them now.

Okay so i left off when you are changeing in your room to get ready to go out to dinner with everyone. When.... read on and see what happens. there are 4 hott guys now and the thing is one is a vampire read on

Created by: cookie101

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  1. Your in your room, with only your panties on and are putting on your bra when your door opens and its....
  2. Joey. "Joey! God damn it what the hell!?!?!? Close the door!"you yell at him. He closes the door and truns away. "Umm... I'm so sorry."Joey said. "What do you want.. Okay you can turn around now."you say. He turns around and tells you "_______, im sorrt that i came in like that, but there is something that i've always wanted to do and i can't wait any longer."
  3. Just then he is in front of you in a flash. Then your making out with him on your bed. His hands are all over you. You don't know why but you like that this is happened. His lips move down to your neck and you feel something tral[ling down your neck. Joey stops just then and pulls away. You touch your neck and feel somethng warm and wet. You pull your hand away and see that it is blood. What do you say
  4. "You--you bite me"you say. "______ im sososo sorry i didnt mean too. It just happened. You just smell so good...."Joey said. "No, no no its okay Joey im not mad at you."you say. "Your not?"Joey asked. "No, come back over here."you say for he had crossed the room all the way to the far corner of the room. He took and deeo breath and crossed the room over to you. His eyes where the color gray now. Then closer he got to you, the brighter his eyes got.
  5. "When was the last time you had human blood?"you ask. "He looks really surprised. "I don't like to be a monster so i don't like to drink human blood."he answers. He then sits next to you and takes two long, deep, and sharp breaths and looks into your eyes. Then at the blood on your neck and licked his lips. You lefted up your hand that had the blooded on it. And Joey looks at you. "Lick it."you say. He starts at you for a long time then took your hand and pulled it to his mouth and licked the blood off your fingers one by one. You look into his eyes and the glay hardend. Next then you know Joey is on top of you sucking your blood from your neck.
  6. "JOEY!!JOEY!!STOP!!"you scearm. You hear your door slam open and JOey is off of you. Then everything went black and there was kknow sound
  7. When you wake up Tyler is lieing next to you on your bed in your room. You turn over to look him. Tyler is still a sleep. With out thinking, you kiss him on the lips. His eyes flash open. And you pull away.
  8. He wouldn't you go far. He held you tight for a long time. "Hi"you say. "Hi"he said. "What happened?"you ask. "Well, we found you on your bed with Joey on you sucking blood from your neck. Tommy, Derek and i took him off of you. You lost alot of blood and you where dieing. So i gave you some of my blood so you can live."he said
  9. You gave him a big hug and a big kiss on he lips. "Thank you for saving my life."you say. He was still in shock from teh hug and the kiss that it took him a little longer to say something. "If this is how you will reacted when i do something for you then i'll be doing more things for you."he said a smiled. "What time is it?"you ask. He looks at his watch. "Its about 7:30am."he said. "Have i been out long?"you ask. "Yeah 5days."he said in a sad vocie.
  10. "5days!?!"you say. He nods sady. You too walk down stairs and see that only the girls are up. When they see you they yell your name and run up to you. They all gave you a big hug. Tyler went up stairs to get the guys. Next thing you know they are running down thwe stairs. The first one down was Derek. When he saw you he ran up to you and picked you up from the floor and give you the biggest hug ever and kissed you on the lips. Then Tommy has a hold of you and gives you a kiss everywhere.
  11. Just then you see Joey. You stare at him and he stares back. His eyes are a bright shy blue. "Can i-" CLIFFHANGER

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