life sucks when everything goes wrong part 2

IF you didnt read the frist one then there is know point for you to read this. For girls only not guys.3 hot guys living with you. You all have powers. Need to save to world. So we left off when you and Derek where in the middle of something.......

3 hot guys living with you. You all have powers. Need to save to world. Tommy- brown hair, hazel eyes, plays football. Tyler- black hair, green-blue eyes, plays scooer, and is in the marching band. an Derek- drity blond, blue eyes, surfs and skateboards

Created by: cookie101
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  1. And, Tyler walkes in on you and Derek making out on your bed. You stop when you see him, blush, and look away. Tyler saids "Dude, i knew you wouldn't be able to keep your hands off her." Derek walks out of the room when Tyler was done talking. Once Derek was out of the door you hear it close. You thin that there both gone but when you look back at the door you see that Tyler locked the door and was walking over to you. He came up to you and pulled you up from the bed so you both are standing up. He pulls your face up to his and you guy start to kiss. Next you know you guys are making out in your bed for 22mins. Intil fanilly Tyler stops but keeps his face is front of you, really close. He saids "Its almost dinner time and i was think that we can all go out to eat this time. So why dont you get ready and we'll meet down stairs in front of the door in 30 or so mins. Does that sound alright to you?""Yes im be ready by then"You answer. He kiss you one last time and then leaves. What are you going to wear to dinner
  2. When you are ready you heard down stairs where the guys were waiting. When they saw you they couldn't take there eyes off of you. "Wow"said Tommy. "You look amazing"said Tyler. "Your so beautiful"said Derek. You blush and said "Thank you". You start to head out the door and the guys fallow. You guys ended up going to The Chesse Cake Factor.
  3. You wake up,in your room,to the smell of bacon, eggs, and pancakes. You head down stairs. When you fanilly find the kicten you see that Tyler is that one that made the breakfest. Derek is on his laptop. And Tommy is eating in front of the tv watching Sport Center.(me: i really do watch spart center in real life). They all stop what they are doing when they hear you come in. One by one the come up to you and say good morning with a hug and a kiss(not on the lips!). You go sit down a Tyler saids "Here you go""Thanks" You say. He smiles and you start eating.
  4. "_______, we are going to start training you today. First w/ me, then w/ Derek, and fanilly w/ Tommy." said Tyler."Okay"you say. "Meet me in the backyard and we'll get started."Tyler. You nod your head and he smiles and leaves
  5. When your done eating you head up stairs to take a shower and get ready. When your out of the shower you head back to your room. But before you can get inside of your room to put clothes on (your in a towel with only underwear on) Tommy comes out of know where and you bumb into him. He catchs you before you fall. "Sorry" you both say at the same time. He smiles and you smail back. He looks at you up and down and you blush bright red. He then pulls you close to him and starts to making out with you. Next thing you know you both arre in your room on your bed.You guys are really into it when you r door opens and Tylers head pops in. You stop what your doing, blush, and say "I'll be down in a min or so." Tyler nods, looking hurt and leaves. You look back and Tommy, he nods and lets you go. He goesn leave though and you really dont care cause you have underwear and plus you hurt Tyler. What do you put on?
  6. Tyler was waiting for you when you got to the backyard. Tyler help you with your earth and mind reading powers. Derek help you with your wind and teleporting powers. And Tommy help you with your fire,ice, and frezzen powers. When you where all done with your training with the guys you where die tired. You went up stairs to your room to get off of your sweaty clothes. When you where in your underwear is when you notice that some one was in the room with you. What do you do?
  7. You scearm and all the guys run into your room. Thats when you find out that it was only Tyler. What do you say
  8. "Tyler why didn't you say something. You scared me."You tell him while you in Derek's arms still in your underwear only. "I'm sososo sorry _______. I thought you knew i was in here."Tyler said. "Its okay. Just say something next time."You answer. "There'll be a next time?"Tyler asked. "Well duh.... anyway did you want something?"You ask. Derek and Tommy leave the room. "Yeah. Ummm. sit"Tyler. You still down on the bed next to Tyler. "What is it?" You ask
  9. And then he just let the words flow out. "________, i really really really like. Maybe even love you. But i have to know, do you feel the same way?"Tyler asked.
  10. You smile and so does he. He then leans into you and kisses you on the lips ever so lightly. Then you guys start to make out. Your hand are in his hair. He's hands are on your waist. Then his hands move down to your @ss. And your hands are in the inside of his shrit. With your legs wraped around his waist.His shrit is off now and on the floor next to the bed. You guys are rolling around on your bed when you fal off the bed and you hit your head.Tyler heard your cry of pain and pulled away."Whats wrong" He asked. What do you say?
  11. "Nothing, i'm fine"you answer. But he knows you to well. He stands you and pulls you up with him."_________ your lieing, i know that you are. Tell me what happened"Tyler. You turn around and point the to part of your head that got hit. You hear himstick in a sharp breath and you turn back around to ask what it looked like. But you turned a little bit to fast and twisted your ankel. You cry in pain. Then everything goes dark. The last thing you hear his Tyler scearmng your name and your door flying open and hitting the wall. Then everything was quite and dark
  12. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!

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