life sucks when everything goes wrong

You are moving from L.A TO Miami, FL. Leaving all of your bffs behind. You are kidnaped by 3hott guys that have powers and say that you do too. They need your help to save the world. And along the way you have to pick which you will send the rest of your life with.

Who is it going to be. Will it be Tommy- brown hair, hazle eyes, plays football. OR Tyler- smart, black hair, green-blue eyes, plays soocer, and is in the marching band. OR last but not least is it Derek- down to earth, shy, drity blond, blue eyes, surfs, and skateboards.

Created by: cookie101
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  1. Its your last day of school befor you have to move from L.A to Maimi,FL. What do you put on?
  2. When school is coming to an end you and your bffs Mariah, McKenize, Serane, and Marley get sent out of class 30mins before school is over. They help you clean put your locker. When you guys are done the bell fanilly rings amd the halls way are fall of hig schoolers trying to get to you before you leave.Your in the front of the school with about half of the school around you give you hugs and kissing you(not on the lips)goodbye.Your fanilly about to head home. How do you get there?
  3. (lets say you picked B, you dont live that far from school). As your walking, you notice that someone is fallowing youwhen your only one street from your house. You turn around and see that it is......
  4. Its Alex your ex boyfriend.You turn right back around and start to walk faster.(When you gus went outhe hit you, but you didnt say anything so you just broke up with him. "_________ wait! Im not going to hurt you, i swear"Alex. "Stay away from me!!"You. "Look i just want to talk, please?!"Alex. With that you started running. You knew what he meant about 'just talking'. He chased you intil he had a hand on your shoulder. What did you do?
  5. You kicked him, he let you go and he fell to the floor and started to cry and roll around. You ran like the wind all the way to your house. Locked the door and then grabed a water bottle. When you where done you started up the stairs to your room. You stoped med step when you heard a crashing sound like a window braking. You ran to your room, grabed your baseball bat signed by every player on the Tampa Bay Rays(which you got when you went to Flordia for the game)and you went back down to see what happened. But the next then you know, its all black. What are your last thoughts?
  6. When you wake up your in a different house. And the room you are in looks like a guys room. What does the room look like
  7. Just then 3 hot guts walk into the room. "Good your up" says the guy with the black hair and green-blue eyes."I'm Tyler and this is Derek and Tommy". after thet all said there hellos you said "Okay..... What am i doing here and what do you guys want with me?"
  8. "Well _______ i dont know how to say this but we have powers and so do you." says Tommy. "P-Powers?"you stummber. "Yes. See i have the power of wind. Tyler has the power of earth. And tommy has the power of fire. We all have super speed and we all are really shrong. And you have every power ever used"said Derek. "So i can like read ppls mind and stuff?"you ask. "Yes" they all say at the same time.
  9. "We need your help to save the world from others like us. But they arre evile. They want to take over the world and distroy the human race. And we cant let that happen. Will you help us?" asked Tyler. "Yes, ill do whatever i can"you answer. "Great!" Tyler answers. With that he comes up to you and hugs you before he leaves and Tommy does the same. You hugged them back. The only one that saayed with you was Derek. You look back at him and he smiles, you smile back. "If you want i'll take you to your room?" he asked. "Sure, i'd like that"you answer. He smiled, took your hand, and lead you out the room down the hall.
  10. Your room is at the end of the hall. When you are walking though your door you can hardly think. The walls are painted your fav. color(s), there is a big bed in the middle of the room, On the wall in front of your bed his a flat screen tv, there is a desk with a computer, telephone, IPOD w/ all of your fav. songs on it, I Phone, and a laptop, there are posters of your fav. movies, sport teams, bands. You look up at Derek and he laughs. You walk on and lay down on your bed. You look back at Derek and notice that he closed the door and was walking over to you. He sits on the bed and pulls you up so you are sitting on is lap with your legs wraped around him. Your heart starts to speed up cause you know what is going to happened next. As if he can hear your heart he smiled and moved his head so its in a easy kissing area and brings his lips donw to yours. Next then you know CLIFFHANGER!!

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