How Well Do You Know Dougie?

Dougie. Lee. Poynter. He's amazing. Learn about him. Take this quiz thingy. Lots of questions. i hate this f---ing website for making write a bunch of crap for no reason! it sucks! i hate this website. it really sucks!

Do you think you know Dougie Lee Poynter? well.. youre wrong. take this quiz and find out! im never using this website again.. haha Vh1 is so hilarious.. haha clay aiken.. ok anyways.. i hate this website never make a friggen quiz from here-- it sucks!!!

Created by: christie

  1. What is Dougie's middle name?
  2. How many lizards does Dougie own?
  3. What month was Dougie born on?
  4. How old is Dougie?
  5. Who is Dougie's best friend?
  6. Does Dougie have a personal Myspace?
  7. What band is Dougie in?
  8. Who is Dougie's favorite band?
  9. How many songs has Dougie written?
  10. Which one of Dougie's songs did they make a video for?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Dougie?