Who's your perfect guy from McFLY?

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We love all McGuys, that's obvious, but who's the closest to our hearts? Who looms large in our minds? Who makes us blush? This quiz will show who's our star boy! :)

You dream about Tom Fletcher? Harry Judd is always on your mind? You have a crush on Danny Jones? You fancy Dougie Poynter? Hmm, in just a few minutes you will find out it!

Created by: Carly

  1. What's the most perfect hair for a guy?
  2. The most romantic date would be...
  3. His silhouette...
  4. Face...
  5. His voice...
  6. What's your favorite McFLY music video?
  7. What's your all time favorite album?
  8. I wish I was...
  9. What team are you?
  10. Your favorite band (barring obviously McFLY)

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Quiz topic: Who's my perfect guy from McFLY?