The ultimate so tou think you know McFly quiz?

There are many people who think they are true McFlyers but only few are true McFlyers see if you are a true McFlyer and know Dougie, Danny, Harry and Tom very well or if you don't know them atall

Are YOU a true McFlyer? Have you got the McFly knowledge to answer any question this quiz with throw at you. Take this high flying quiz and find out if you are a true McFlyer and know Dougie, Danny, Tom and Harry inside out and upside down!

Created by: Chloe

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  1. Who is McFly named after
  2. Which of these is NOT a member of McFly?
  3. Which of these HAS McFly covered?
  4. Which member's hometown is Bolton?
  5. Which album is the song Lies on?
  6. Which member of the band won I'm a celebrity get me out of here 2011?
  7. What is Danny's sister called?
  8. Who are their brother band
  9. Which of the boys is from Essex
  10. Which member celebrates their birthday on the 30th November?
  11. The band starded in a movie in 2006 with Lindsey Lohan and Chris Pine what was the film called
  12. What song did Kevin McHale say in an inteview "sounded like a disney song but is about Suicide"?
  13. What is the McFly short film called?
  14. Who was only 15 when the band started?
  15. Which country did the band go to to write an album but then threw the songs away and started again with a new sound?
  16. Who won Strictly Come Dancing 2011?
  17. Who won 100,000 on the ITV game show The Cube?
  18. Who appeared on Pop Star to Opera star?
  19. Which Science Fiction show did the band appear in?
  20. What long running British Drama did the band appear on in 2007?
  21. Which soap did the band's song that's the truth appear on?
  22. What song is this lyric from? "Cos I shouldn't have to pled my case so much love to save"
  23. Which member is mad about cats?
  24. Which member is really akward around cats?
  25. Which member has a pet lizard?
  26. Which 2 member spent a year in a hotel room just writting songs?
  27. Which song is written by every member of the group?
  28. What song did the Jonas Brother cover on tour and McFly came onto the stage?
  29. What song is this lyric from? Wait up cos I'm off to speak to her yerrrr
  30. Which of these songs did Dougie write?
  31. Which member was originally going to be in Busted?
  32. Which member appeared in the video for the Busted song Crashed the wedding?
  33. Harry Judd is the main Drum player but which other member can play the drums?

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