How much of a McFly fan are you?

Hello! This quiz is made by me, to see how much of a McFly fan you are! So, try your best and even if you are not a fan, still try your best! So (hopefully) from one fan to another... enjoy!

Please remember that I'm not anything to do with McFly... I'm just a fan!!! Sorry if you do not get the result you wish for, just try again if you want to!

Created by: Lozza

  1. Which film did McFly get their name from?
  2. Which member of McFly plays bass?
  3. Which member of McFly is the oldest?
  4. What is Harry's last name?
  5. Complete this line from The Heart Never Lies "Some people fight, some people fall, others pretend_______"
  6. They quit their record company to now be under the record label:
  7. Which McFly member has the middle name "Alan David"
  8. What is the first song on their album Radio:ACTIVE?
  9. Who said this line "It feels like i've got a crisp stuck in my shoulder, cheese and onion I think!"
  10. Which McFly member had an orange curtain as a door in their bedroom?
  11. In the video for Do Ya which McFly member gets left out of being opened as a present?
  12. Which McFly member sings the first part of 'Stay with me'(they did a cover of the the song)?
  13. Complete this line: "So good you got to abuse it, so fast that some times you loose it, it chews you up when you feed it, but ________"
  14. Which of the following did McFly NOT do a cover of?
  15. Nearly there! Just some genral McFly knowledge questions for you now!... What is Danny's sister called?
  16. When on The Paul O Grady show, which member sussed out the fact that the "Mind readers" were in fact their mothers?
  17. Last question! Only a true McFly fan would know this! Which member of McFly nearly knocked over an elderly man, trying out for their drivers license?

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Quiz topic: How much of a McFly fan am I?