life sucks when everything goes wrong part 4

okay if you didnt read the ones before this one they this quiz is all a waist of time for you. go read the other ones NOW! Guys i don't reakky think you would like to take this quiz seriz but you can if you want to

for thoughs of you that have read the other 3 thing okay you can read on. so i left off where Joey is going to tell you some thing. Well read on and find out what it is.

Created by: cookie101

  1. "_______, there is something important that we have to tell you"said Joey. You look into his eyes and they change to blue. He then outs on his sun glasses when he see's you stareing at his eyes.
  2. You look at Mariah and she to now had blue eyes. But she now too hide them with her sun glasses. "What the hell is going on around here?!"you say. "_______ there is something that you don't know about us."says Marley. She goes on "I'm an angle, Mariah and Joey are vampires, Serena is a devil, and McKenize is a werewovle"
  3. She kept going "We been on a mission the whole time you've known us. A mission to keep you safe from the ppl that want to kill you for having all the power in the world."she then stopped and looked at. How do you fell
  4. "So all this time all of you have been pertending to be my friend?!?"you say. "No!! its not like that, we all-"you cut Serena off. "i can't believe this. I told you guys everything, and you all wheren't even my real friends."you yell and run back to your room with tears running down your face
  5. You run into your room and slam the door behind you. You lock your door and lie down on your bed crying your eyes out. You hear someone banging on your door but didnt want to open it. Fanilly you have know more tears to cry. You look at your watch and notice that you have been locked up in your room all by yourself for 2 1/2 hours. Thats when you hear Tommy calling you from help.
  6. You run like the wind down stairs and see Tommy on the floor with blood coming from his side. you over to him and he looks at you and says "_______, you can save me. Put your hands on my sideand sy 'Heal'.""Okay"you say. When you said the word a blue light came from your hands and then it was gone. Tommy is heal and he gets up and tells you what happened. "Two of the evils shape-shifted into Derek and Tyler. When you went up stairs they stared to attak.
  7. He went on "Joesy and the others went to go look for the real Tyler and Derek. But knoe luck yet.""What are we still doing here then?!?!?"you ask. "We have to stay just in case they find there own way back"he said. "Look im sorry i got so mad and ran up sat-"you started to day intil Tommy cut you off."Don't worry about about, i don't blam you at all."he said. You gave him a hug and said "I so glad your okay. I still shouldn't acted like that. Why didn't did come and get me. I could have helped." He shakes his head and you pull away yo read his face. He signs and answers with "I didn't want you to get hurt.""Don't worry about me. This is all my fault." He is about to pro test when
  8. The door slams open. You two run to the door to see who it is. In the door way, carring Derek, is Mckenize and Serena. And carrying Tyler is Joey and Mariah. While Marley held the door open. Joey signs with releaf when he see's you. You and Tommy help bring in the boys. It took all of us cause they where just so big. You guys place them on the wide kicten table side by side. You found out that they both had the same cut on their right side just like Tommy. You healed them but they did't wake you like Tommy did cause their cuts where dipper.
  9. "Where were they?"asked Tommy. "They where in a bupstir next to WalMart"answer Joey. You stade with the guys and everyone else went to watch tv. Fanilly they wake up. Frist was Derek then seconds later Tyler. When they saw youit was like when a little kid wakes up on Christmas morning.
  10. "_______!!"they each say. You give them each a big hug. "I've missed you guys so much"you say. They each give you a kiss. "We missed you too, so so so much."saids Derek. "What happened? The last thing i remember was walking out of WalMart and then feeling a sharp pain on my right side."said Tyler. "Yeah me too."said Derek. You tell them everything. When you where done they both gave you a hug, tighter then before.
  11. Just then everyone else walks in. When everyone was done saying what they had to say you said, "Look im so sorry that i acted the way i did.""Don't worry about it _______, i would have acted the say same way, but maybe not as grumadic"saids Joey with a smile. You stick out your tun at him like a two-year-old and laughed.
  12. "Thanks"you say to Joey. "For what?" he asked. "For keeping be same and sound and also being my bgf"you say. "Know prob-mla-mo"he said and hugs you.-onedaylater- You all are planing on going out to dinner at 6:30pm and right now it is 2:16pm. You all are going to take a second shower so you have to get ready now, there are only two bathrooms that have showers. What do you put on?
  13. Your aready out of the shower and now in your room putting on your clothes when.... CLIFFHANGER
  14. Please rate and comment, will you

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