Which Rare Name Suits You?

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**Forgot to put that it's for girls only in the title, oops!** Are you tired of having a normal, unexciting name? Taking lots of name quizzes only to

see the same results? Well then, this could just be the perfect quiz to suit your needs! Ugh, nobody reads the description anyways, moo I'm a cow i'll phone superman.

Created by: tapirpower
  1. Your hair is...
  2. Your eyes are...
  3. Your skin is...
  4. Your personality is...
  5. Pick a letter...
  6. Is the name Xanthe nice? (Not a result)
  7. How about Eudocia?
  8. And finally, what about Tondra?
  9. What kind of name are you hoping for?
  10. Okay, hope you enjoyed :-)

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Quiz topic: Which Rare Name suits me?