Which Yu-gi-oh! deck suits you best ?

Ever wondered what deck suits you best? Tired of these quizzes that advise you to play with Dark Magician and want a quiz that tells you what suits you best according to your playing style? Well, search no more, this is what you need!

Want a quiz made by a real duelist? Want to become a good duelist with a deck you really like? Looking for a basis to personalize a deck for you? Or all you simply looking for a deck you can copy to win? Then this quiz is what you've been looking for!

Created by: Rubysan
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which Dueling style do you prefer the most ?
  2. Which type do you prefer the most ?
  3. Which of the following So-called Boss monsters/signature cards do you like the most ?
  4. Which of these deckbuilding styles do you prefer ?
  5. Which of these cards you you hate the most ?
  6. Which playing style suits you best?
  7. How cheap/expensive would you like you deck to be ?
  8. Which of these do you prefer the most?
  9. Which of the following do you prefer ?
  10. Does a theme matter to you or not ?

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Quiz topic: Which Yu-gi-oh! deck suits me best ?