What Is Your Personal Fashion Style?

There are many different fashion styles that different women enjoy wearing. In this quiz, find out which of these style types suits YOU. Remember, you are never bound to any style type.

Your search is over! And if you're just curious, you can always retake this quiz. This is just information for food for thought. Again, you are never bound to your results.

Created by: La Haute Couture
  1. Pick a Gossip Girl to be your style icon.
  2. Choose a style icon!
  3. Which Kardashian?
  4. The fashion brand you would rather wear is:
  5. Which clothes have you worn the most?
  6. Choose a pair of shoes.
  7. Choose a top.
  8. Choose a bottom.
  9. How many kids do you have?
  10. Choose some evening wear!

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Quiz topic: What Is my Personal Fashion Style?