Which Dragon Are You

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This quiz is all about dragons and which one suits you by personality ans other character facts and if you are like me you are not going to read this and if you do just go to the quiz

it's just going to be a big boar so if you want to keep reading this there is something wrong with you so just go take the quiz sorry if this is sounding mean but you get what you get oh and the dragons you could get are Fire, Water, Ice, Earth, Sky, Dark, Light, and Metal

Created by: _Katsuki_Bakugo
  1. How old are you
  2. Gender
  3. Have you ever killed anything
  4. What is your fav element
  5. Do you like Dragons?
  6. Which dragon do you want to be
  7. Out of these what is you fav anime (no effect on your quiz) just wondering
  8. Ok were going to rp now (role play) form a few questions say your in a new world filled with magical creatures and they attack what do you do
  9. Say you surrendered peacefully and then you are scented to death what do you do
  10. were would you live
  11. Are you ready to see which dragon you are

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